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Sell your home. Pay only $990.

The 990 flat fee program was introduced in Arizona in 1988. It quickly grew to 121 offices and over 4,000 agents nationwide. It’s the best program in real estate for selling your home with a top, full-service agent, MLS exposure, professional photography, and impressive marketing materials. Everything you’d expect from a 6% agent, but with massive savings at closing.  When it’s time to sell, give us a call to arrange an appointment with the 990 agent in your neighborhood.

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$990 commission applies to homes listed below $1 million.

Smart Real Estate

This is not discount real estate, it’s smart real estate. Anyone can charge less, do less, and earn less. Few create an industry-disrupting formula that enables them to profit fairly while their customers experience a better result at a lower cost. Amazon did it. Uber did it. We did it.

Best of both worlds

With the 990 Program, you have the best of both worlds. Our agents are seasoned professionals with leading real estate firms in communities nationwide. You sacrifice nothing but have the opportunity to save thousands.

Sell your home. Pay only $990.

Includes all traditional real estate services.

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